European Blackjack Gold Strategies and Tips for 2023

Blackjack is without a doubt one of the most advanced gambling activities in online casinos, not only in Canada but globally. Since it was first played centuries ago, a number of equally exciting offshoots have emerged to suit various markets or, more precisely, different types of players. European Blackjack Gold in a casino is one of the most popular variations among Canadian gamblers, out of all the variations available. Fortunately, the ultimate gaming experience can be had at Spin Palace.

Before pulling out your credit card or launching your e-wallet, you must devote the next few minutes to reading this summary. Our expert team has compiled a list of certified European Blackjack Gold casinos in Canada. As a result, this page contains essential tips, hints, and strategies for playing the game. Thanks to the diligence of our European Blackjack Gold evaluation team, the following information is provided:


How to play this game to beat all online casino competitors.

The primary regulations and restrictions you will encounter while playing the game

The top-ranked online casinos offering the finest games of this blackjack variant in 2023

The Essence

As with any other Blackjack variant, the objective of the online casino game European Blackjack Gold is to get as close to 21 points as possible before the dealer without going over. The act of exceeding 21 is known as “busting.” As long as you are familiar with the rules and strategies, playing European Blackjack Gold in an online casino will be a memorable experience. After choosing your wager for the hand and receiving two up-facing cards from the dealer, the game for real money will commence. The dealer will also receive two cards, but one will be face up and the other face down.

When you ‘Hit’, you are dealt another card, whereas when you ‘Stand,’ you do not receive any cards and your turn ends. You can ‘Double Down’ by doubling your wager and receiving an additional card, and if the dealer deals you a pair, you can ‘Split’ by doubling your initial wager and dividing the hand into two hands. After splitting, you will be automatically assigned additional cards and will now play each hand independently.

Many refer to this version of blackjack as the ‘Gold Standard’ due to the reduced house edge afforded by the two-deck game.

The Originality of This Variation

European Blackjack Gold is a No-Hole card game, unlike the standard 21 Blackjack game. This is one of the primary distinctions between European Blackjack Gold and the standard 21 Blackjack game. Therefore, when a 10-point card or an ace is exposed, the dealer does not look for blackjack. In conventional blackjack games, the number of decks typically ranges from 6 to 8, whereas in an online casino, European Blackjack gold uses only two decks. In this variant of online casino blackjack, the dealer stands on 17 regardless of whether it is soft or hard, which is not the case in standard Blackjack.

In most online casinos, European Blackjack Gold is regarded as the finest game, largely due to the fact that reputable software providers such as Microgaming have given it the highest-quality visuals. In addition, a side wager can be added to this game as an additional enhancement. This is referred to as the High Streak, and as a player, your success rate in consecutive hands enables a progressive sequence of bonuses that could result in a 10:1 payout (more on this in the following paragraph). Unfortunately, few online casinos offer a live dealer variant of European Blackjack Gold where you can interact in real time with the dealer and other players.

Odds, Payout Percentages, and Extra Value

Players at Canadian online casinos that offer European Blackjack Gold favor this variant of the game because the house edge is substantially lower. Due to there being only two decks in the game, this is the case. The small number of decks is advantageous because it reduces the house margin by up to 0.13 percent. Consequently, your odds of winning are increased as a result. In a standard blackjack game, the house edge is typically around 0.5%, dependent on the online casino at which you place your wagers. When two decks are utilized, the house edge will immediately decrease to approximately 0.37 percent.


Thanks to the additional High Streak feature included in the Microgaming version of European Blackjack Gold, you have the chance to earn the largest payouts ever. The High Streak feature is automatically activated following a victory in the standard Eurogold game. The payout for the first victory in the High Streak mode is 1:1, the payout for the second consecutive win is 2:1, and the payout for the third consecutive win is 5:1. If you’re even fortunate, the fourth consecutive winning streak will result in a payout rate of 10:1. This is fantastic because you have the opportunity to walk away with a substantial sum of cash.


During the course of our online casino review of the European Blackjack Gold game, there were two circumstances that made this blackjack variant significantly more lucrative than its card game counterparts. The following are:


Due to the fact that Splitting is permitted for any pair, including aces, you have a greater opportunity to employ skilled strategies that will result in more victories as you play. However, some online casinos have placed restrictions on the splitting of hands. This restriction is absent from the Microgaming version of real money European Blackjack Gold. Therefore, if you perform well, you have a greater chance of winning.

You may double down on any total value of 9, 10, or 11. This increases the possibility of making a more substantial profit as you play, as there are more opportunities to increase your initial wager.

As you can see, these two tips make the online casino version of European Blackjack Gold more valuable for Canadian players.


Successful Strategies

In the majority of card games at Canadian online casinos, you only need to hone your skills. Keeping this in mind, here are a few tactics and strategies you can employ to always be ahead of the game:


The aforementioned guidelines can help you get off to a smooth start as a player of the online casino game European Blackjack Gold.


Start Betting In Leading Casinos

It is difficult to locate an exceptional online casino in which to wager in the year 2023. Fortunately, we have sifted through a large number of Canadian casinos to offer you only the best ones where you are guaranteed to have an incredible time. Moreover, the casinos we have chosen for you are also appropriate for other popular games, such as live dealer roulette and online roulette.


You must now find sufficient leisure to hone your abilities. Moreover, if you follow the guidelines highlighted in this article, you can win big at the best bookmakers that offer European Blackjack Gold developed by the most reputable companies, such as Microgaming. So, you can rest assured that you will find precisely what you’re searching for and much more among our shortlist of California casinos.


Explore our exclusive list of the finest online casinos and begin playing immediately.


Start by playing free online games. You might even discover a few techniques that will help you play better. In this manner, you can thoroughly “warm up” prior to spending real money. This also applies to all other casino games, including roulette and other card games in which you may be interested.

Draw with either a gentle 17 or 18 for a hand between 17 and 20.

When you play European Blackjack Gold in an online casino, dealers are required to draw to 17 on any total exceeding 17. You could easily exploit this option by standing on almost all totals (12 or higher) when the dealer’s up card is a 4, 5, or 6. In these situations, there is a high likelihood that the dealer will need to draw just one additional card and risk bursting. And if the dealer goes bankrupt, you win the hand.

If your hand contains 11 or fewer cards, you should always draw.


How do you play European Blackjack Gold?

The objective of European Blackjack Gold is to come as near to 21 without going over. This game has only two decks, making it somewhat simpler to play. You can use the same strategies such as Stand, Hit, and Double Down as in the standard game. Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions to a few of the principles. For example, this version lacks the ‘Late Surrender’ option. For the complete set of principles governing this variation, please review the information in the preceding post.






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