Mastering the Uston SS Card Counting System is a Must for Blackjack Players

Because it is one of the card counting systems that is available, and because it is one of the most accurate ones, many people choose to use the Uston SS method. However, the higher accuracy may be attributed to a counting method that is far more complicated than many others. However, you will be rewarded with more accuracy if you are willing to take on the task of mastering this more complicated card counting technique.

You are at the correct spot if you are one of the people who has been considering the possibility that the Uston SS method is the one that you would want to employ when you play blackjack. This website was created specifically to assist you in acquiring all of the information you want on the system. In the following paragraphs, we will explain how the system works, how you may put it into effect, how you can prevent being caught, and much more!

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Getting Familiar with the Fundamentals of the Uston SS System
Using the Uston SS System to Keep Track of the Cards
How Much You Should Bet and When
How to Put the Uston SS System Into Practice
The Top Ten Ways to Avoid Getting Caught Counting Cards in Blackjack
Additional Resources for Blackjack
FAQ Regarding the Uston SS System
The Final Thoughts Regarding the Uston SS System

Getting Familiar with the Fundamentals of the Uston SS System

Before we get into the more complex aspects of the system, we wanted to go over some fundamentals first to make sure that you have a solid foundational grasp of the system before moving on. In the following paragraphs, you’ll discover explanations of the fundamental concepts that underpin the Uston SS system. These will make it simpler for you to comprehend this technique and learn how to put it into practice.

The current tally is:

The core of the Uston SS system is comprised of something that is referred to as a running count. When it is your time to wager, you will use this count as a guide to choose how much money to put on your bets. In order to get the current count, you will need to tally up the values that have been designated for each card as you uncover them. Don’t worry; in the next paragraph, we’ll go through in further depth how you’ll go about accomplishing this goal.

Value at the Beginning

In most of the other counting systems, you just begin your count at zero, regardless of whatever system you are using. Nevertheless, due to the fact that the Uston SS system is an imbalanced system, you will be required to compute your beginning value. If you carry out these steps, you will not have to do an accurate count calculation at a later time.

To your good fortune, determining your beginning count is a relatively straightforward process. In order to do this, you will need to increase the number of decks that you believe are still in play by a factor of -2.

The Real Numbers

If you have previously researched other card counting systems, then it is quite possible that you are already acquainted with the concept of a true count. A great number of different systems need the execution of a real count computation in order to compensate for the number of decks that are currently in use. The Uston SS method, on the other hand, lets users offset everything with their initial count, so there is no need to concern with figuring what the actual count is. Instead, the number that you will utilize as a guide for betting will be the running count that you are keeping.

Possible Consequences

The purpose of the Uston SS System, in general, is to assist you in determining whether you should wager a little amount or a significant amount on your blackjack hands. When your count is low or negative, the system will give you a signal telling you to reduce the amount of money you bet since it is less probable that you will obtain a blackjack. This signal will appear whenever your count is low or negative. Alternately, once your count is high, you will get a signal telling you to increase the amount of money you are betting due to the fact that your odds of obtaining blackjack have increased.






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